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  • Solar Blue - wireless urodynamic system

    Solar Blue - Simplicity and Versatility in Urodynamics

    Solar Blue is a user-friendly and compact urodynamic device that meets the latest recommendations from the International Continence Society (ICS). It utilizes state-of-the-art digital technology, making it one of the simplest full-function urodynamic systems available. With its small size, wireless capabilities,

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    size, wireless capabilities, and ease of use, Solar Blue simplifies urodynamic examinations, providing quick and convenient results.

    Key Features of Solar Blue - Small Size, Easy Operation, and Wireless Functionality

    Solar Blue offers a range of features that enhance its performance and usability:

    Small size

    Solar Blue requires minimal space, making it suitable for various settings. It can be used as a table-top system or mounted on an investigation chair, infusion pole, or purpose-designed stand, providing versatility and convenience.

    Easy operation

    The intuitive and logical software of Solar Blue requires minimal training. It includes a patient database for efficient storage and retrieval of examination data. With a purpose-designed remote control and just four buttons, a single person can perform a complete urodynamic examination. This streamlines the process, improves the quality of the examination, and ensures patient privacy.

    Wireless functionality

    Solar Blue is a 100% wireless urodynamic system, enabling wireless communication between the Solar Blue module and various components such as flowmeters, catheter pullers, remote control, and the computer. The Luna module can also be added for wireless recording of pressures and electromyography (EMG). This wireless capability offers freedom of movement for patients during stress tests and uroflow measurements. It also allows the seamless extension of a conventional urodynamic study to ambulatory urodynamics (natural filling) without the need for catheter replacement or additional appointments.

    Solar Blue provides maximum set-up versatility, thanks to its small size, wireless functionality, and lightweight design. It can be used in various environments, from small offices to remote clinics, and is easily transportable for use in multiple locations. It offers different set-up options, including table-top, pole-mounted, laptop-integrated, and investigation chair-mounted configurations. Additionally, an optional wireless catheter puller can be added to Solar Blue for speed-controlled urethral pressure profilometry (UPP) measurements, further enhancing its functionality.