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  • Dornier Medilas H Solvo 35 laser Holmium

    Dornier Medilas H Solvo 35 - Advanced Holmium:YAG Laser System

    The Dornier Medilas H Solvo 35 is a state-of-the-art Holmium:YAG laser system known for its high efficiency and thoughtful design. It incorporates the industry's gold standard Ho:YAG laser technology with Dornier's uniquely engineered Advanced mode. This versatile laser system is capable of performing lit

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    is capable of performing lithotripsy, surgical cutting, coagulation, and soft tissue removal procedures with precision and effectiveness.

    Key Features of Dornier Medilas H Solvo 35 - Enhanced Performance and Efficiency

    The Dornier Medilas H Solvo 35 offers a range of features and application modes to meet your treatment needs:

    Six application modes

    This laser system provides six different application modes, allowing for versatile treatment options in laser lithotripsy and soft tissue applications. With preset modes, selecting the appropriate treatment parameters is as simple as a touch of a button.

    Efficiency optimization

    Dornier's Advanced mode is designed to improve efficiency and potentially reduce operating times. By utilizing a uniquely engineered pulse shape, laser intensity is precisely controlled within each pulse, aiming to minimize stone movement and retropulsion force, ultimately shortening treatment time for the patient.

    Optimal workflow efficiency

    The Dornier Medilas H Solvo 35 is thoughtfully designed to enhance workflow efficiency. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive controls enable seamless operation and quick parameter adjustments, allowing healthcare professionals to focus on delivering exceptional patient care.

    With the Dornier Medilas H Solvo 35, you can expect highly efficient performance, thoughtful design, and brilliant outcomes in various urological and surgical procedures. Experience the advanced capabilities of this Holmium:YAG laser system and elevate your treatment capabilities to new heights.