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  • Flowmaster - PC based wireless Uroflowmeter

    Flowmaster - Convenient Wireless Uroflowmeter

    The Flowmaster is a cutting-edge uroflowmeter designed for quick, easy, and wireless uroflowmetry. With its small and lightweight form factor, it offers enhanced convenience for both healthcare professionals and patients. The fully automated recording and analysis capabilities streamline the uroflowmetry process, while th

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    process, while the automatic artifact detection and flow/volume scale selection ensure accurate results. The patient database enables secure storage of uroflow data, and the ability to operate multiple Flowmasters simultaneously provides an optimal solution for busy urology departments.

    Key Features of Flowmaster - Wireless Connectivity and Comprehensive Reporting

    The Flowmaster utilizes Bluetooth® technology to establish a wireless connection between the battery-operated flow transducer and the PC or laptop. This eliminates the need for cables, offering greater flexibility and patient privacy. The flow transducer can be placed in a separate room or toilet while maintaining a seamless connection. Patient data and uroflow recordings are stored on the PC or laptop, ensuring easy access and management.

    With a focus on user-friendliness, the Flowmaster starts recording automatically as soon as the patient begins voiding, simplifying the workflow for healthcare professionals. The advanced software algorithm reduces artifacts and selects the optimal flow/volume scales, ensuring accurate and reliable results. The user can also customize pre-flow and post-flow times to meet specific requirements.

    The Flowmaster is compatible with standard Windows® based laptops or PCs, allowing simultaneous use for other office work, maximizing efficiency. The uroflow data is stored in a user-friendly patient database, facilitating easy retrieval and analysis.

    To enhance the reporting process, the Flowmaster offers customizable full-color reports. These reports include comprehensive information such as patient data, results, graphs, nomograms, comments, and can be personalized with a hospital logo. The printing capabilities allow for professional and detailed reports to be shared with patients and colleagues.

    Additionally, the Flowmaster can be paired with a height-adjustable uroflow stand and a choice of micturition chairs, providing a versatile setup to meet specific needs and preferences.