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  • Goby - compact urodynamic system

    Goby - Empowering Urodynamic Data

     Goby is LABORIE's compact urodynamic system that revolutionizes the way urodynamic data is managed and analyzed. With its advanced software and data management capabilities, Goby offers customizable procedures and reports, real-time or accelerated test playback for review and teaching purposes, hot keys and voice annotations to

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    keys and voice annotations to guide users through the study, seamless EMR and HL7 integration, and gold standard reporting. These features empower clinicians to efficiently collect, manage, and analyze urodynamic data, optimizing workflow and enhancing patient care.

    Key Features and Benefits of Goby - Compact, Wireless, and Modular Design

    Goby stands out as the world's most compact urodynamics system, designed specifically for clinic and mobile use. Its portable, modular, and wireless design offers a unique combination of features to enhance your practice. With Goby, you can perform all standard clinic procedures, including Uroflow, Cystometrogram (CMG), Pressure Flow Study, Urethral Pressure Profiles (UPP), Stress Tests, and Leak Point Pressures. The wireless and modular design of Goby maximizes convenience for both clinicians and patients, providing the flexibility to perform urodynamic tests in various settings. The device operates on battery power and utilizes Bluetooth® technology for seamless wireless connectivity.

    Goby offers variable mounting options to suit your clinical needs, allowing you to choose from Cart, Procedure Chair, IV Pole, Tabletop, or Travel Case setups. This versatility ensures that Goby seamlessly integrates into your workflow. Additionally, Goby offers optional accessories to further enhance your system, including UPP Puller, Infusion Transducer, Commode Chair, Uroflow Stand, and Remote Control, providing added convenience and efficiency.

    Furthermore, Goby caters to specialized applications, such as Clinic Urodynamics, Mobile Use, Ambulatory Studies, Goby EQ (EMG & Uroflow), and ARM (Anorectal Manometry). These options enable you to expand the capabilities of Goby to address specific urodynamic procedures and patient requirements.

    The components of Goby include the UDS Roam, a wireless catheter interface that records up to 4 pressures and 1 EMG, offering cable-free convenience with belt and lanyard mounting options. The Goby Hub serves as the wireless urodynamics processor, precision infusion pump, and Roam charging station. Lastly, the Urocap IV is a fourth-generation water-resistant wireless uroflowmeter remote that ensures patient privacy while providing high-quality recording capabilities.