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  • Dornier Thulio - Advanced Thulium Laser

    Dornier Thulio - Advanced Thulium Laser for Precision Treatment

    The Dornier Thulio is an advanced Thulium laser that combines cutting-edge technology with exceptional performance. It is specifically designed for precision treatment in stone and BPH management. With its compact size and innovative features, the Dornier Thulio offers unmatched control, enhanced fragmen

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    control, enhanced fragmentation capabilities, and excellent fine dusting capabilities, ensuring optimal patient outcomes.

    Key Features of Dornier Thulio - Redefining Thulium Laser Technology

    The Dornier Thulio incorporates RealPulse® technology, setting a new standard in Thulium laser technology. Here are some key features:

    RealPulse® technology

    With the highest peak power among other Thulium lasers, the Dornier Thulio delivers exceptional performance for stone and BPH management. Its advanced pulse technology enables precise and effective anatomical endoscopic enucleation of the prostate.

    Compact and powerful

    The Dornier Thulio is our most compact 100 W laser, providing high power and performance in a small footprint. Its versatility makes it suitable for various clinical applications, ensuring efficient and effective treatment.

    Captive® mode for enhanced control

    The Captive® mode offers 55% more control by significantly reducing retropulsion compared to traditional Ho:YAG lasers. This advanced feature allows for improved precision and accuracy during procedures.

    Enhanced fragmentation experience

    With 7 times the peak power compared to TFL lasers, the Dornier Thulio delivers an enhanced fragmentation experience. It enables efficient and effective stone fragmentation, ensuring successful stone management.

    High-speed performance

    The Dornier Thulio operates at a speed of 300 Hz, three times faster than traditional Ho:YAG lasers operating at 100 Hz. This high-speed performance, combined with excellent fine dusting capabilities, allows for efficient and thorough tissue ablation.

    Experience the revolution in Thulium laser technology with the Dornier Thulio. Its RealPulse® technology, compact design, and advanced features redefine the capabilities of Thulium lasers, empowering healthcare professionals to deliver precise and effective treatment for stone and BPH management.